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Linda Sease

Residential Real Estate & Interior Design

Specializing in Metro Denver, the Front Range & Nearby Mountain Resorts


Designer. Marketer. Negotiator. 

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A tailor-made trifecta that delivers results.

I specialize in residential real estate and interior design in metro Denver, the Front Range and nearby mountain resorts. After retiring early from a happy 35-year marketing career in corporate America, I followed my passion for “all things home” and now enjoy an equally fortunate career in residential real estate and interior design. 


My interior design expertise coupled with extensive executive experience

in big brand marketing and management are two of the three essential skills

that I put to work for my clients.  The third skill brings it all together:  the tenacity and talent to negotiate on your behalf.  So whether selling or buying

a new home, my focus is on guiding the critical steps necessary

for a smooth and successful transaction. 

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With over 20 years of interior design experience, I am committed to

embracing my client's passions

and preferences and that

guides the creative work

that we do together.


While the elements of

quality design are translatable

to any style, my desire is to always

create comfortable homes that are warm and inviting for the

people who love them.  


Berksire Hathaway HomeServices 

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“A home is one of the most important assets

that most people will ever buy.

Homes are also where memories are made

and you want to work with

someone you can trust.”   

- Warren Buffett 

   Founder, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

My real estate affiliation has been selected with great care so it’s no surprise

that I work for one of the most respected names in business history –

Berkshire Hathaway and their HomeServices division.

Founded in 2013, the full-service residential brokerage division

of Berkshire Hathaway is now one of the largest brokerages in the nation. 


Berkshire Hathaway is a name synonymous with trust, integrity, quality service and

industry-leading technology and tools. And with over 53,000 real estate agents,

their knowledge and networking capabilities are vast.  


Linda Sease

Real Estate & Interior Design


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